Urgent Scam Warning From Trading Standards

This week, Bromley Trading Standards issued an urgent warning about a scam that is operating within the local area. Two very similar incidents relating to drainage repairs have turned out to be scams.

The first incident involved a resident in Beckenham who received a cold call regarding an issue with the drains next door. When the workmen arrived to assess the problem, he paid a £19,800 deposit for work and a further £10,000 after he was told his property had damp.

In a second incident, an elderly Orpington resident was also called in relation to a neighbour’s drains. After he allowed them to lift his manhole cover, he was asked for a £4,000 deposit so that repair work could be carried out. After he refused to provide a banker’s draft, he was called by a man who claimed to be from the council. When he again refused to provide the money, he was called by someone claiming to be one of the neighbours concerned. However, he knew his neighbours well enough to know it wasn’t them, so he informed the caller that he had told both the Police and Trading Standards.

Both of these incidents are being investigated by Bromley Trading Standards. You can contact the rapid response team by calling 07903 852 090 if you believe that a scam is taking place. You should be particularly cautious of people trying to gain money for property repairs in person or on the phone.

Do you know of anyone who’s been targeted by a similar scam? What tactics did the scammers employ?

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