Bromley Council Budget 2024-5 – Have Your Say

Bromley Council is currently consulting on the council’s budget for 2024-2025. 

The council has projected a net budget of £267 million for 2024/25. 

Spending plans include:

  • £94 million on adult social care providing services from care assessment to home care, from support for those with physical disabilities, to support for those with learning disabilities and those with mental health issues
  • £69 million is for children and young people and includes safeguarding and social care, special educational needs services, behavioural support, early years, education and schools.
  • £13 million on providing housing services
  • £44 million is spent on the environment such as waste services, street cleaning, traffic, public protection, road safety and maintaining Bromley’s parks and green spaces
  • £10 million for renewal and recreation covering services like our libraries, regenerating and managing our town centres, and our planning services
  • £10 million is spent on concessionary fares (Freedom Passes)
  • A large part of the council’s services are funded by specific government grants which includes, for example, funding for schools and housing benefits. The council has very limited influence on how this money is spent.

The 2024/25 local government settlement is the sixth one-year settlement in a row and this continues to hamper strategic financial planning, making it especially challenging to set a medium-term financial strategy. Further uncertainty remains as the fair funding review has been delayed until at least 2026/27.

More information available on the council website:

Please share your thoughts by midday on Thursday 1 February by email to consultations???????

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