Update On The Bowie Bandstand

Restoration of the Croydon Road Rec Bandstand January 2024 Update

Work is continuing apace on the restoration to the Grade II Listed Edwardian Bandstand in Croydon Road Recreation Ground (known colloquially to some as the ‘Bowie Bandstand’ due to its association with the singer David Bowie).

The Brickwork surrounding the bandstand has been repaired and repointed with lightning conductors fitted. The bandstand has been fully sandblasted and a new paint colour scheme of dark brown and buff respecting the structure’s original Edwardian Heritage.

New Ceiling Joists have been fitted along with internal ceiling beads, butt boards and lights. A new gate has been made and fitted.

The roof is in the process of being installed along with new guttering. Repairs and gilding to the corona and crown are being carried out including a new paint scheme and gilding to the top coronet.

Restoration to the decorative corona has commenced. Further grant from Heritage of London Trust will ensure gilding of this feature before it is refitted to the top of the Bandstand.

Electrical works have commenced that will help facilitate performances on the restored bandstand. Perimeter Fencing has also been repainted. Work is also completing the engraving to the bricks that will form the pathway around the restored Bandstand. These will be installed in the coming weeks.

In addition, the Memory of a Free Festival Memorial Stone is complete and will be laid as part of the pathway landscaping works in the coming weeks. The Plaque/Interpretation board commemorating all of the stakeholders involved in the project was out for consultation on planning portal, with the time period for comments expiring just before Christmas. It is now awaiting advertising consent from the Council’s planning division and will be installed at the end of the restoration works.

For more information or to purchase a ticket to the launch party please see our website:

Moving forward We are hopeful that the works will complete towards the end of March 2024. Initial plans are being made for the ‘Launch Event ‘and we will be in touch with further information once we have it. We hope that you are pleased with the works, and we look forward to hopefully celebrating the restored bandstand with you later on in the year.


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