Take Care Not To Flout Blue Badge Rules

Bromley Council is stepping up enforcement action against drivers who misuse Blue Badges when parking in council-run car parks or at on-street locations.

The council has launched a new campaign to warn friends and relatives of Blue Badge holders about the action that will be taken if they are found using someone else’s badge. This could result in a criminal conviction, even if they claim they are using the badge to carry out an errand for the entitled owner.

The badge holder needs to be using the vehicle at all times, and the badges should not be borrowed simply to make it easier to park, even for a matter of minutes. Any motorist who is found to be using a Blue Badge outside of these rules could be prosecuted.

The council is carrying out this enforcement action to ensure that disabled bays are available for those who need them and maintain the system’s credibility.

They are advising all motorists, including those with Blue Badges, to check the rules of the scheme and be aware of any local variations if they are parking outside of the borough. The rules state that a Blue Badge can only be displayed if there is a disabled person driving or travelling in the car or someone is dropping off or picking up a disabled person.

The misuse of a Blue Badge constitutes a criminal offence that can result in the badge being confiscated and a £1,000 fine.

Are you aware of Blue Badges being misused in the borough? What problems does this cause?

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