Piece Of Family History Gives Insight Into The Past

A woman has discovered letters written from her grandfather to her grandmother while he was serving in the First World War. The letters had been stored away in a Beckenham house for 90 years, and now they can give us a fascinating glimpse into the past.

The family were thrilled with their find and wanted others to be able to view the items for themselves. They have more than 400 items that can be seen by the public. This includes letters, documents, and photos that date back to the period between September 1915 and March 1919.

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The letters were found by Aura Hargreaves, who lives in the house in Beckenham that her grandparents built themselves shortly after the end of the First World War. The letters were actually discovered 35 years ago when Mrs Hargreaves inherited the property. However, it has taken until now to collate the letters into a viewable format.

They have been digitised to create an archive for others to see. This includes letters to and from other family members and friends as well as the communications between her grandparents. She is also considering putting the letters onto a website so that more people are able to view them.

Do you have any family history from the First World War? We’d love to see some of your memorabilia and hear how you intend to pass this on through the generations.

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