Outrage At ‘ugly Concrete Coffins’ In Beckenham High Street

Local residents have taken to Facebook to vent their anger at the latest eyesore on the high street.

Whilst the council have done some great work making our high street look great, it has not gone unnoticed about the concrete coffins at the bus stop.

No-one quite knows where the design or the idea came from, and when pressed a council spokesperson said they are not meant for sitting on. This begs the question what they are there for then. Are they there to deter terrorists from mounting the pavement like they did at Westminster, we asked, no response.

Comments on the Beckenham Appreciation group on Facebook said:

“look like anti-terrorism barriers” and “At least we be safe from ram raiders. Could per flower display on top, paint them with local artist design or even have a game of chess. Imagine the possibilities” and “Quite clearly tank traps for when the Russians invade”.

Residents are also up in arms about the very black road surface (that you can see in this picture). They comment that this should be done like the pavements,, both matching in colour as well as style. Another comment said “Bromley Market Square has done this so well“.

A passer-by said “This is my first time in Beckenham and I had to like at the coffin like structures, I thought they were tomb’s for local people”.

We’re not sure about that but we think they could certainly look better.


What are your thoughts, comment below?

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