Hit The Clubs For A Spot Of Exercise

Working out and keeping fit is not easy or fun for many people. However, a new craze that’s hitting the Bromley area could change this. These classes are bringing some disco fun to your exercise routine in a bid to get more of us burning those calories and becoming fitter.

Beat It, which is based in Beckenham, incorporates popular dance moves and all the latest club anthems into their routines to provide participants with an extreme calorie-burning session. The 60-minute classes are said to help you burn 1,200 calories or more.

Women only

This is a women’s only group that is held every Tuesday at 7:30pm in Time Bar. The class is headed by Zoe Nichols and Evie Montila. The two women have many years of experience as professional dancers. The dimly lit, man-free environment gives women the opportunity to feel confident and sexy whilst exercising.

These classes certainly look a lot more fun and sociable than being at the gym. In fact, you might actually feel like you’ve had a night out after attending a session. You could even turn the evening into a social occasion by stopping for a healthy drink or a quick alcoholic treat afterwards.

What do you think about these dance club exercise classes? Would you be more inclined to attend one of these than a regular gym, or do you prefer pounding the treadmills to strutting your stuff on the dance floor?

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