Community Option To Buy Beckenham Toilet

Bromley Council are to put the toilet block on Thornton’s Corner in Beckenham up for sale. However, local community groups can make a bid or buy the building before it is placed on the commercial market.

The building has been registered as an Asset of Community Value, which means that Bromley Council is unable to sell it without first giving a local group the option to purchase it. Community groups must show an intention to bid before 14th August 2015. They will then have a period of six months in which to organise and submit their bid.

Bromley Council cannot sell the building during this time period unless the buyer is another community group that is bidding through the right-to-buy system. They will announce their decision at the end of the six-month period, but they are not required to choose the community option.

Full sales particulars will be made available to eligible groups that show an interest in bidding on the building. These will provide full details of exactly what is included in the sale. The council has stated that it is unlikely it will include the raised flower beds in front of the toilet block, but a pedestrian right-of-way will be included.

Further information on eligible community groups and how to make a bid can be found here.

Are you a community group that is interested in bidding on the toilet block? What would you like to see the building turned into?

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