Chislehurst Pupil Helps Ugandan Children Learn

A 14-year-old girl from a school in Chislehurst has just completed a two-week trip to a town in Uganda. Following fundraising efforts by her school, she was able to donate textbooks to the school, which had very limited learning resources. The school was part of the Christian Family Helper’s Orphanage.

Abigail Hedley was part of a group from England that included teachers from schools throughout the country. She currently studies at Babington House School. She was able to raise about £650 for textbooks with the help of other pupils at her school. When she went on the trip, she took the 100 books with her and gave them to African pupils who were orphaned.

As part of the experience, Abigail was able to see what an average classroom in a Ugandan school was really like. She found it was significantly different from anything she had encountered in the UK. There would often be as many as 70 students crammed into small rooms with only a simple blackboard and wooden desks to use. They also had to manage without any electricity. The pupils typically had just four textbooks on any given subject that they had to share amongst themselves.

The group wanted to do its part to help children who are less fortunate and provide them with more opportunities. Have you got links with a school in the developing world? How has it helped your pupils develop?

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