Bromley Schools Showed Varied Results

The Annual Report for 2014/15 from Ofsted shows that schools across Bromley are generally performing well. The performance of secondary schools is better than that of some of the area’s primary schools, which are lowering the proportion of children who attend “good” or “outstanding” facilities.

The report highlights that within the secondary sector, 100 per cent of Bromley pupils are at a school with either a “good” or “outstanding” Ofsted inspection. This figure is seven percentage points higher when compared with last year’s report. Meanwhile, two Bromley secondary schools have an “outstanding” rating: Glebe School and Langley Park School for Boys.

Schools in the borough are also in the top ten GCSE performing schools in the country. This shows that secondary education in the borough is continuing to improve and that all students between 11 and 18 years of age are given the opportunity to attend schools that perform well.

However, even though the secondary facilities in Bromley are achieving excellent results, the local primary schools are not all performing as well. The Ofsted report shows that Bromley is in the bottom 20 per cent of areas in the country for the proportion of primary pupils who attend “good” and “outstanding” schools. Seventy-seven per cent of primary aged children in Bromley are at a high performing school, with the only London boroughs to have a lower figure being Barking, Dagenham and Havering.

What are your experiences with primary or secondary schools in Bromley? Do you think this report paints a fair picture of the current situation?

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