Beckenham School Students Celebrate Great Results

Yesterday saw young people all over the country picking up their GCSE results, and Beckenham students have a lot to be proud of. Harris Academy is celebrating its best results ever, up 8 per cent from last year. In fact, 84 per cent of students got the grades they were hoping for.

The news is even better when it comes to top grades, with 48 per cent of Harris students’ grades in the B to A* range. This represents an improvement of 18 per cent, and it is a good indicator for those students aiming to go on to A-level success and secure places at university.

Across England, overall grades are up by 0.2 per cent, but the number of young people getting top grades has actually dropped. This means that Harris students have actually bucked the trend.

Harris Academy is particularly pleased to have seen its students do well in science, which the school specialises in, with 82 per cent of them getting at least two grades at a C or above. There was also good news in the field of foreign languages, with half of those studying French or Spanish getting a B or above.

The academy has produced an honours list of its most successful students, topped by Jordan Allen-Kow, who got one A* grade and nine A grades, whilst Higor Alves and Adirahman Ismail each got six A* grades and two A grades. The school also praised its special needs students for their outstanding progress, which shows that anybody can achieve success if they work hard.

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