Beckenham Retains Town Centre Support For 12 Months

Following a report at the end of January regarding the removal of the Town Centre Manager (TCM) position from Beckenham and Penge, the Renewal and Recreation PDS Committee has made the decision to keep it on for another 12 months.

The planned cuts, which were due to take effect from the end of next month, were met with significant local opposition.

The proposal would have seen both areas losing the only TCM that remains in the boroughs before a Business Improvement District (BID) had been established. Other parts of the borough had kept their TCM to provide a smooth transition process, and there was no guarantee that a BID would even be agreed by local businesses.

There was considerable support from local community groups at the meeting, and a number of issues had been raised with the committee’s councillors and those representing the local area. This led to a split in the committee’s decision.

Three of the councillors agreed that the TCM should be retained whilst a BID was in the planning and transition stages. A counter-proposal was introduced to retain the position for 12 months, and this was carried by the committee.

Beckenham will now have a TCM for the next year, and it was agreed that they would look at alternative forms of funding to employ an officer to move forward with the BID implementation after this date.

What do you think of the committee’s decision? How will this benefit Beckenham’s future?

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