Park Road To Be Closed At Southend Rd Junction – Have Your Say By 8 March 2022

Bromley Council are proposing to completely close Park Road at its junction with Southend Rd. This will be done for a minimum 12 months as a trial. Residents that wish to comment must do so by 8 March by email to, we recommend also copying in Ward Councillors and ourselves at .

Residents have previously raised concerns with our Association that closing Park Road will cause traffic to be displaced on to Copers Cope Road and on Brackley Road by a primary school, both of which also have a high number of traffic incidents according to

We put this to the Assistant Director Traffic and Parking at Bromley Council, who agreed there were concerns about displaced traffic, but as the number of collisions at the junction of Park Road with Foxgrove Road has been of concern for many years, it is felt that something must be tried here.

It would be interesting to know what other options the Council considered for this junction, if any. Our Association would like to see a light controlled crossing put in for Beckenham Place Park (not a zebra). We also think 12 months is too long if the road closure is not working well.

We have also asked Bromley Council to increase the letters they are sending directly to residents about this scheme as currently they have not sent them to residents on Copers Cope Road by the Southend Road junction.

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