Could You Survive On Just £1 A Day?

Many people have to survive on very limited incomes in this country, but it is still enough for the majority to provide for their family. Do you think you would be able to survive if you only had £1 to spend on food and drink every day? For some people across the globe, this is a reality. Pupils attending one Bromley school decided to see what such an endeavour would actually be like.

More than 100 pupils from the La Fontaine Academy in Bromley recently participated in the Live Below the Line challenge. Throughout the day, they were only allowed to have water and rice. The exercise was aimed at showing the pupils and adults what life can be like for those most in need of help throughout the world.

The problem of hunger

The school wanted to do something that would help less fortunate children to attend school and learn without the constant feeling of being hungry. Sixty-six million children of primary age go to school every day whilst hungry. In the under 5s, 45 per cent of deaths are caused by poor nutrition.

As part of the challenge, which also included parents and staff, funds were raised for Emerge Poverty Free. This charity works in seven countries throughout the world and looks to help local communities find sustainable ways to get out of poverty.

Do you think this type of exercise is a valuable method of showcasing the difficulties faced by millions of people across the globe?

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