Beckenham Toddler Beaten To Death – Killer Gets 18 Years.

Alex Malcolm was battered to death by the then boyfriend of his mother. Lilya Breha. Lilya said that she hopes the killer Marvyn Iheanacho, is locked up forever.

Iheanacho, battered the toddler to death because he lost a trainer in the park.

The sentencing judge, Mark Dennis QC, said the toddler was “completely defenceless” in the face of the 39-year-old’s “brute force”.

Mum, Lilya, from Beckenham was ‘heartbroken’ by her son’s death. In an upsetting interview Lilya said: “He (Alex) was bubbly. He was just perfect you know, he was a really, really special little boy. He was shy, he was so shy, and very polite. He would always say ‘Mummy thank you’ and ‘I love you mummy’.” She described Iheanacho, as a “good liar” and pathetic.

She went on to say “That he never comes out again to be honest. I don’t feel that he should be out in the first place, after everything he did before.”


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