Warning To Vulnerable Residents About Cold Calling Scams

Police in Bromley are warning residents, particularly those who know of vulnerable or elderly people, to be aware of current cold calling scammers who are operating in the borough. In some instances, the callers have posed as plain-clothed officers in order to try to gain access to properties.

This month, the Met has become aware of incidents taking place in Bromley, some of which are targeting elderly residents. In addition to gangs pretending to be from the police, there were reports of people saying they were sent by the water company to look at their pipes or claiming that they had broken down and needed a pen.

Cold calling advice

  • Check who is at the door by looking out the window or through a door viewer, and don’t answer if you’re unsure.
  • Always check their ID if they are calling from a utility or service company, and contact customer services to confirm or 101 if they are claiming to be from the police.
  • Most utility companies have a password system that you can set up.
  • Be cautious of anyone who says they have to enter your property quickly.
  • Never give money to cold callers.
  • If in doubt, ask them to call back later when someone else will be present.
  • Contact 999 if anyone is acting suspiciously.

Are you aware of any other potential cold calling scams? What situations do they use to try to get into properties?

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