From Beckenham: Probably The World’s Best Poker Player

Getting into the heads of your competitors at the table can help you achieve more and win more games.

Is it for the money or just another motive you need to ask yourself? If the goal is to make the most money in the shortest amount of time then you need to eliminate all other motives and have lazer light focus on this alone.

Alternatively you might want to trade some of the winnings for some other benefits of poker playing head over to After all it's now a world-wide phenomenon. In fact one of the world’s best poker players comes from Beckenham. He's doesn't want to be identified but it's just an interesting fact.

Recognising your competitor motives can help you get into their psyche. It can earn you money, lots of it, but only if you are prepared to study them, their 'tells' and of course their motives. The most successful players of poker are the most ruthless, hard-nosed, and cold people you can meet!

There was a book out, a few years ago that described players in quite an unflattering light. But it's not all about poker; it's about any sports betting. You have to know the form and you have to know the background. You can also play virtual sports as well as bet on live games. It doesn't stop their either as some of the most interesting games can come from a live casino.

So whatever sports you chose to bet on you need to be relentless, you need to be focussed and you need to ensure that the sport, poker game, or whatever it is that floats your boat, give you enough opportunity to win, and win big.


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