Council Approves Cut To Civic Centre Site

Bromley Council has approved plans to cut the size of the Civic Centre site as part of a cost-saving exercise. The council will still use the site, but some of it might be made available for redevelopment.

The council’s workforce has reduced in size, and they no longer need the entire Civic Centre site. Releasing the space that is not required will reduce the annual maintenance costs by around £800,000. In addition, there is the possibility of making money by selling off the unnecessary space for redevelopment purposes.

The proposals for the site are still at a very early stage. However, the council has stated that the park area will remain accessible to the public. Any development plans will require a planning application, and local residents will have the opportunity to comment on any plans at the relevant time.

The council will work with their chosen development partner to put together a proposal that is in line with current and future planning policies. The site forms part of the existing Area Action Plan for Bromley town centre. The plans that are currently being considered would see the council retaining the multi-storey car park and park land, as well as Stockwell Building and North Block. A decision regarding the Old Palace, which is grade II listed, will be made at a later date.

What are your thoughts on the council’s plans for the Civic Centre? How do you think the land could best be used to benefit the local community?

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