Brendan Cole Comes To The Churchill

Brendan Cole will be hop-skipping back to the Churchill on Sunday March 25th with his new show All Night Long.

The show is Brendon’s latest creation from PMB Productions. Brendan explains “When you tell a story that’s an emotional thing, obviously you’re just dancing but people pick up on that emotion and the meanings change because they’re watching it and interpreting it as if it were in their own life. You know you’ve done a really good thing when an audience is moved by a dance. If something is well-received - when people are on their feet cheering you - that’s a phenomenal, very powerful feeling and you can’t really recreate that in any other industry.”

Following his long stint on Strictly the hot TV dance extravaganza Cole dazzles us with high energy, dance explosion along with live music and special effects. He goes on to say “We’ve got a live band onstage, 13 musicians all doing their thing, so it’s not just a dance show. The quality and class of the musicians playing a full-on Lionel Richie number, it’s phenomenal You’d want to go to watch the band alone.”

Let us know what you think of it, we’d love to know.

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