Awareness Days To Highlight The Problem Of Scams

Police in Bromley are working with local banks and building societies to help raise awareness about the problems that can be caused by fraudulent activity and scams. The work will include monthly awareness events with local branches where members of the public can talk to police officers and seek advice.

The monthly sessions, which started this week, will be hosted by a different bank or building society each month. The hosts will run events across their branches in the area. People who want to get information about the type of scams that operate can simply turn up at one of the branches on the day.

At the events, officers will pay particular attention to cold calling scams. This occurs when fraudsters call a property and convince the victim that they are officials from the bank, police or another organisation. They then gather personal details to get into the victim’s account and transfer money. They employ a range of techniques to try to convince even the most suspicious of people into believing that they’re genuine.

If you believe that someone is trying to carry out a scam using your account, don’t provide personal information to him or her. A bank or other genuine caller would never ask for this type of information. It’s important that you hang up if anything seems suspicious.

Have you been the victim of a cold calling scam or know someone who has? What did they do to try to get details from you?

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