WW2 Soldier’s Name Added To Local War Memorial

A soldier from Bromley who died in the Second World War has had his name included on a local war memorial following a campaign by his family. He was originally left off the list of names inscribed on Martin’s Hill war memorial, and his family asked for his name to be added.

On Friday 4th September, a service took place to commemorate the life of Private William Kitchener Howell. He was only 27 when he suffered fatal injuries on service in Bagnara, Italy. Private Howell, who was originally part of the Queen’s Royal West Kent Regiment, served in the 1st SAS Regiment. He died on 4th September 1943, only four days prior to the formal surrender of Italy. His name is now included on the memorial along with 477 other service personnel who died during the First and Second World Wars and had connections with the local area.

Relatives of Private Howell, including his nephew Arthur Cook, travelled to Bromley to attend the service. Others present included representatives from the Downham Community Boxing Club, which Private Howell and his brother used to frequent, and members of the Bromley Town Friends of Parks group.

Do you have a family member included on the Martin’s Hill war memorial? We would love to hear your stories of where they fought and the connections they had with Bromley.

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