What Is It Like To Live With Dementia?

Living with dementia can be difficult for both the person concerned and his or her family. These people often have problems accessing the right type of support and getting the help that they need. One of Bromley Council’s key priorities for health and social care in the borough is enabling people with dementia to live well. As part of this work, they are asking residents to complete a survey regarding their experiences in living with dementia.

Bromley Council wants to understand more about how living with dementia affects local people. This includes how dementia-friendly they find shops and services in Bromley to be, the impact it has on their social life, and how aware young people are of dementia. The council will then use the results of this survey to evaluate how dementia-friendly Bromley is. Their findings will be presented at a conference next month.

The issues highlighted by the survey will also be used by Bromley Dementia Action Alliance. This new organisation will launch later this month, and the survey will help them decide which areas they should focus on first.

The survey is available to complete online through the Bromley Mylife portal and is open until 18th October 2015. The portal also provides practical information, guidance and advice for those living with dementia, including family, friends and carers.

Do you or someone you know live with dementia? How dementia-friendly do you feel the borough currently is and where do you think improvements could be made?

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