Traffic Flow Improved At Orpington Junction

Bromley Council have listened to the concerns of local residents regarding the junction of Sevenoaks Way and Leesons Hill. Following changes to help improve the flow of traffic during construction work, right-hand turns onto side streets were banned. These have now been reinstated. This move, along with other changes that the council have made, should reduce congestion and improve traffic in the area.

During construction work on Chislehurst Road Bridge, right-hand turns onto side streets around the Leesons Hill junction were banned to help with the flow of traffic. Now that the work has been completed, drivers can once again turn right at this intersection.

The council has carried out further engineering work at the junction, which is part of road improvements across the borough aimed at improving traffic and reducing congestion around Orpington. Other work that has been conducted includes improvements at the Main Road and Sevenoaks Way junction and by the Nugent Centre.

The additional improvements at the Leesons Hill intersection feature alterations to the traffic signal phasing, including changes to the pedestrian element. Traffic engineers will continue to monitor traffic flow and recommend improvements where necessary. In addition, other changes will be made to improve traffic conditions further, including linking together traffic signals to co-ordinate the lights, which should reduce congestion on Cray Avenue and Sevenoaks Way.

Have you used this junction since the changes were put in place? Do you think it has improved traffic conditions in the area?

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