Sunday Bus Service To Commence

Following a public consultation, TfL have announced that the 352 and 354 bus services will now operate on Sundays. The services, which will start later this month, will greatly benefit the local community and make Bromley and the surrounding area more accessible on weekends.                                                                                                                                               

Earlier this year, TfL launched a public consultation on the operation of a Sunday service on these two routes. They received a total of 630 responses. The vast majority of these, 619, were received from the public, with 11 coming from stakeholders.                                                 

A large percentage of the responses were supportive of the plans. Among the responses from members of the public, 81 per cent supported a Sunday service on route 352 and 75 per cent supported one on 354. Very few responses indicated that there wasn’t a need for this type of service.

TfL considered the responses they received and will now start operating the two routes on Sundays from 20th September. As per the consultation information, both services will run every half hour. Route 352 currently serves the area between Bromley North Station and Lower Sydenham, with the 354 running from Penge to Bromley North Station.

The introduction of a Sunday service will mean that some areas in Park Langley and Ravensbourne will have access to the bus network on this day for the first time. It will also open up links with the wider tram network.

Did you submit a response to the TfL consultation? Are you in favour of a Sunday service on these routes?

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