Sample Of New High Street Paving Goes On Display

Bromley Council has put down sample paving slabs to show residents what the new pavements along Beckenham High Street will look like, and they are inviting residents to share their thoughts on the style.

The High Street paving is set to be replaced as part of the public realm improvement scheme that is being rolled out by Transport for London (TfL). The idea is to use two different styles, with one on Kelsey Square and the other down the length of the High Street.

The main style of paving will be used on the High Street, while Kelsey Square will be paved with a cobble style to help differentiate the space. In order to showcase the new paving, a sample has been laid outside Zizzi’s restaurant on the High Street in the style planned for the main slabs.

The council is welcoming feedback from residents regarding the design, and there will soon be an information board at the site providing further details on the paving scheme.

If you wish to send your comments to the council, you can email them to

The Beckenham town centre developments are part of a £3.2 million scheme that is being implemented alongside TfL. This revamp is set to enhance areas of the town centre in order to bring in new investment and improve facilities for businesses, residents and visitors.

Have you seen the sample of paving yet? What are your views on the style? Is there anything you would change?

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