Road Closure To Be Trialled By Bromley Council

A busy junction in Bromley where a number of collisions have taken place in recent years will be closed as part of a traffic calming trial. This will be implemented where Copers Cope Road, Lawn Road, and Bridge Road meet, and it will be in place for six to 18 months.

This junction has been the scene of a number of road traffic accidents, and Bromley Council carried out investigative work into how the road safety of this area could be improved. Several options were open to the council, including the installation of a double mini roundabout, warning signs, and the use of anti-skid coloured covering.

The council found it hard to decide on a solution that would work due to the junction’s layout. However, the idea that is currently favoured by the council is to have a mini roundabout installed. This would mean the Copers Cope Road/Lawn Road junction would need to be closed. To measure the impact of this, a temporary closure will be put in place. This should be effective from some point in October and will reduce the speeds achievable and create a safer junction. The council will be measuring the effect of the closure on nearby roads as part of the trial.

Anyone who wishes to provide feedback on the proposal should contact Bromley Council by email on or

Do you agree with the idea that is being proposed by Bromley Council? How do you believe the junction could be made safer?

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