Residents Warned Of Two Building Scams

Trading Standards has issued a warning to Bromley residents following two reports of bogus builders trying to scam elderly locals.

The first report came from a 70-year-old gentleman who received a phone call from a man who he described as being aged around 40, over 5’9” in height, and overweight. The man claimed to be from a company connected to Dynorod and said there was an issue with his sewers located behind his house.

The scammer went around the back to look at a manhole and asked the resident to talk to “the boss” on his phone. The resident was instructed by “the boss” – who said his name was David Pearce – to check his toilet and upon doing so found that it was overflowing with clean water and clogged with toilet roll. It was then that the resident realised he was being scammed and asked the man to leave.

The second scam was reported by the Bromley branch of NatWest after a 78-year-old woman from Shortlands went to take out £5,800. The staff asked why she needed it, and she told them that a man in the street had stopped her and said he had to check the drains. She let him inside, and when she was asked to look at the toilet, she saw it was blocked. The man asked for the money to hire equipment to clear it and told her she would get a refund afterwards.

If you are concerned about a potential scam you should call Trading Standards on 07903 852 090.

Have you heard of any other scams taking place in the area recently?

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