Reminder To Dispose Of Business Waste Properly

Bromley Council has issued a warning to all local businesses about the need to dispose of any waste in a responsible and legal manner. Those that fail to do so could be prosecuted, which is what happened to one local business recently.

Last week, Bromley Council brought a successful prosecution against Corbey and Keep Construction Ltd for the burning of controlled waste. They pleaded guilty to the charge, and their fine and costs came to more than £1,000.

The court proceedings were brought using the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The act states that residents and businesses must dispose of waste in a responsible manner. If not, they could face court action and a hefty fine.

Businesses that have waste must dispose of it using the waste disposal service provided by the council or employ a licensed commercial waste supplier. If you want to organise a trade waste collection, you can go to or telephone 0300 303 8658.

If you are a resident with excess waste, you must use a registered waste carrier to remove it. If you use an unqualified company and they then go on to dump the rubbish illegally, you could be fined a maximum of £5,000. To check if a business is registered, you can visit

Further details on how to dispose of waste locally can be found here.

Have you had issues with the illegal burning or dumping of rubbish in your area? How effective has the council been at clearing up the problem?

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