Poorest Could Be Hit Hardest By Health Cuts

The Royal College of Nursing is warning that the latest health cuts announced by the Government could hit the poorest parts of the community the hardest. Around £1.5 million is set to be slashed from the budgets of Bromley and Bexley health authorities, and this will have a considerable impact on the services that are provided.

In June, Chancellor George Osborne announced that a total of £200 million would be lost from the public health budgets of local authorities across the country. In our region, Bromley will lose £921,000, while Bexley will have its budget cut by £576,000.

It is unclear exactly where the cuts will fall, but the UK Faculty of Public Health believes that the types of services that are most likely to suffer as a result of the cuts are school nursing, domestic violence prevention, drug and alcohol abuse help, suicide prevention, weight loss support, mental health services, stop smoking support, and sexual health.

A large proportion of the cuts will affect preventative health services, and it will have a higher impact on inner city areas. These are areas of healthcare that can help the NHS reduce the cost of intervention at a later date by keeping people out of hospital.

Do you believe that the cuts to the public health budget are necessary? Are there areas where you think the Government would have been better placed to cut the budgets?

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