Orpington School Suffers Ofsted Fall

A school in Orpington has received an Ofsted rating of requiring improvement just six years after being classed as outstanding. This is the first Ofsted inspection that Green Street Green Primary School has received since becoming an academy three years ago.

The school caters for 441 boys and girls from early years through year six. At their last inspection, they gained the highest Ofsted rating, but the most recent assessment is only one step above the lowest ranking, which is inadequate.

Ofsted ranked the school as requiring improvement across the five areas it uses for its assessments. These are leadership and management; quality of teaching; behaviour and safety; early years provision; and achievement of pupils.

The report highlighted that boys at the school faced particular issues in their education and learning. They often fail to make the same progress as girls, with large gaps in achievement levels between the sexes. This can cause boys to lose focus, and their behaviour can disrupt the class if they are not challenged or given an interest in the classroom. Inspectors found that there were low expectations from some of the teachers.

Other issues that were raised included the fact that teachers were not correcting basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors adequately. They also reported that there wasn’t always a good level of teaching across the school.

Ofsted has indicated areas where the school can improve. These focus on increasing the expectations of teachers, challenging pupils, undertaking regular homework, and improving behaviour.

Do you have a pupil at Green Street Green? Have you noticed the standards falling in recent years?

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