Ongoing Building Work At Local Primary Schools

A number of primary schools in the Beckenham area are currently undergoing construction work to improve facilities and increase the size of the schools, enabling them to continue providing high quality education to the local population.

Worsley Bridge Primary School

The work will grow this school from two forms to three forms of entry with the addition of a new two-storey building. The pre-fabricated building is now ready for cladding and fitting out, and it will be fit for use in September.

Clare House Primary School

Students here will gain a completely new building that is being constructed next door to the existing one. This will provide space for two forms, and pupils will begin moving into the school in September, with the changeover being fully completed by October half term.

Bromley Road Primary School

The existing facilities at this school are being refurbished because external changes are limited at this historic building. The work will see it move from just an infant school to a full primary school, and the improvements will be finished by the start of the new academic year.

Harris Primary Academy Beckenham

This new primary school will operate from a temporary building within the Harris Academy grounds when it opens in September. Plans for a permanent building have been submitted.

Do your children attend one of these Beckenham schools? How do you feel about the changes? Is the work having any impact on your child’s schooling?

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