New Orpington Cinema Create 46 Jobs

The new Odeon cinema in Orpington, which was initially set to open nearly two years ago, will create 46 jobs for the local economy. The Walnuts Shopping Centre site will have 961 seats and seven screens. It is expected to be open by Easter.

This is exciting news for both the business community and local residents, who have been without a cinema in Orpington for 30 years. The cinema chain has spent £4 million on the site, which will feature the ultra-high-definition Insense experience. The Orpington cinema will be the second location in the country to boast this state-of-the-art technology. The dedicated screen will offer an immersive and luxurious cinema experience, with luxury seating, Dolby ATMOS sound, and gourmet food.

The Odeon cinema is situated on the site that was formerly occupied by the old job centre. Development on the site was delayed due to difficulties in getting businesses to rent the other units that surround the cinema. However, progress is now being made and a pizza restaurant has moved into one of the units. There are plans for further retailers and hospitality services, including a hotel, gym, restaurant, and retail outlet.

The opening of the cinema will provide a boost for the town centre. In addition to the direct jobs that are being created, it is also expected to benefit the overall economy and increase visitor numbers.

Do you think Orpington has missed having a local cinema? How will this opening benefit the area?

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