New Library Proposals Given The Green Light

The Renewal and Recreation Policy Development and Scrutiny (PDS) Committee at Bromley Council gave their approval earlier this month to plans to change the local library service. Given the recent financial climate, the council needed to overhaul the library facilities whilst still maintaining a commitment to keeping them open whenever possible.

Changes to library services

The proposals will allow new procurement processes to be developed for the Community Management option across the borough’s community libraries. This scheme has been developed to allow the community facilities at six sites to stay open and meet local needs. As part of these proposals, the core service management will undergo a soft testing phase.

Local library users and staff were consulted about the proposals before they were accepted by the council. The changes were seen as vital if the library service is to move forward whilst still allowing the council to make the necessary cost savings.

Recent developments

Over the past few years, the council has made significant investments in the local library service. This included opening a new facility in Penge last August. A new library was opened in Orpington in 2011.

Are you a regular library user? Do you have your own point of view on how the council could have made changes to the current facilities? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Leave your opinion about the changes and how they will affect you below.

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