MyBromley System Already Proving Popular

The new MyBromley online system is already proving popular with local residents. With the added incentive of a chance to win a new iPad, more than 7,000 people have already registered for a personal account. The prize draw is now over, but residents can still sign up for the service and access a number of features through their MyBromley account.                   

MyBromley accounts can be used to manage a range of council features through Bromley Council’s website. This includes making council tax payments and amendments, requesting services, signing up for alerts, and reporting problems. It allows residents to sort out their issues at a time that is convenient for them. Everything can be completed online without having to spend time on the phone or queuing up.

Your personal MyBromley account is secure, and all transactions are carried out safely. The system was launched at the end of last year. Registration is open to any Bromley residents who are over 18 years of age.

Bromley Council plans to expand the service over time, adding more features to provide residents with a personal experience. This will make dealing with the council quicker and smoother. It is also a more cost-effective use of the council’s time.

If you have yet to register for a MyBromley account, you can sign up here.

Have you signed up for a MyBromley account yet? If so, how beneficial do you find the service? What other features would you like to see included?

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