More Strikes At Bromley Council

Workers at Bromley Council have already carried out a two-day strike, and now they are set to walk out again to protest proposed council cuts. This set of strikes will run over a longer period of time and will include individual department and council-wide walkouts.

Unite, who are organising the strikes, have announced that workers will walk out from Monday 27th April as part of a series of strike days that will continue until May 19th. The strikes are in reaction to the council’s decision to cut some services and pay. The Unite union believes the council plans to privatise a number of services, which will have a significant impact on employees and local residents. They understand that these strikes will inconvenience the residents of Bromley, but they want to preserve current services for future use.

Concerted strike effort

Different departments will walk out across the three-week period, and there are three days when the majority of council staff will go on strike. This includes library staff between Monday 27th and Thursday 30th April, a strike by park staff on 5th May, and walkouts by passenger transport service staff and those working at the Astley Centre between 13th and 18th May.

On May 1st, 7th, and 19th, all of the Unite members employed by Bromley Council will strike, except for school staff.

Have you been affected by the previous strikes by Bromley Council employees? Do you agree with the protests or do you believe the council have no choice but to implement the cuts?

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