Mentoring Programme A Success

Volunteer mentors have been very successful in providing support for local young people who are experiencing tough times. Across Bromley, there are now 103 volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds. As well as offering advice and help to young people, the mentors themselves can benefit from being part of the scheme through improved people skills and self-development.

Widening the service

Following this initial success, Bromley’s mentoring programme is starting to expand to try to widen its support network and help more vulnerable young people. The programme is looking to join up with other community organisations and charities that also provide mentoring services. This includes schemes such as the Bromley Churches Mentoring programme, who base their service on the work of cutting edge youth organisation XLP, and JusB, a community charity that helps young people gain independence.

Can you volunteer?

In order to facilitate this growth, the scheme needs more volunteers who want to become mentors. They are especially interested in people who have daytime availability as this is a particularly convenient time for many of the people who use the service.

If you’re interested in being involved in the programme and making a difference to young people in the local area, you can contact Jane on 020 8461 6240. You can also find further information on the programme at

Have you made use of Bromley’s mentoring service yourself? What did you think of the programme? What benefits did it provide for you?

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