Make Sure You’re Ready For The Fireworks

The traditional time for fireworks displays might be around 5th November, but they can be used to celebrate a range of occasions throughout the year. It is vital that whoever is in charge of a display knows how to use fireworks safely. This is why a local professional display company is organising a fireworks experience and training event.

The event takes place on 5th September and is run by Bromley-based fireworks company Knights of Fire. It will run from 10.30am to around 9.30pm in the Beckenham and West Wickham area. Attendees will be provided with exact details prior to the event.

Those attending will learn how to set up and use fireworks correctly. The course covers the different types of fireworks and how they should be used and stored. Attendees will also learn about fireworks laws, electric and manual firing, and lighting them safely.

This event will look at category two and three fireworks, such as rockets, cakes, fountains, and candles. Participants will also have a chance to experience some category four fireworks, which are not publicly available. The day will end with participants putting on a display.

The course is run by professionals and includes workshops, written tasks, and practical experience. The day costs £75 including VAT, which includes coffee, tea, and a chip supper. Participants need to bring their own lunch and must be over 18.

For further information and to download the booking form, please click here.

Have you put on your own display before? Do you feel that a course like this would have been useful?

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