Make Sure You Renew Your Freedom Pass

Older people who live in Bromley and have a Freedom Pass that expires on 31st March 2016 will get a letter in the new year detailing how they can go about renewing it. This is a straightforward process and the easiest way to renew is online.

Around 1.2 million people throughout London currently use a Freedom Pass and about 138,000 of these people will need to renew their passes at the beginning of 2016. This will include 6,500 Bromley residents.

Freedom Passes enable elderly people to use public transport throughout London for free and local bus routes in England at specific times of the day. The cost of providing this service currently costs Bromley Council nearly £11 million a year.

All holders whose pass expires at the end of March will be eligible for a new one if they are still a London resident. You must ensure you have contacted Freedom Pass to inform them of a change of address. If you already have one of these passes, you should wait until you get a letter to renew it and then follow the details inside. The letter should arrive before the end of January. If you don’t receive it by this date, you can contact London Councils through their website or contact 0300 330 1433.

If your pass does not expire on 31st March 2016 or it has been issued for a disability, you are not part of this renewal process.

Do you benefit from having a Freedom Pass? How does it enable you to get around more?

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