Local Youth Offending Service Requires Improvement

A report released following an inspection of the Youth Offending Service in Bromley has highlighted that the system requires improvements. The report indicated that the current provision is failing to adequately protect the general public or offer the type of services that young offenders require.

Paul Wilson, the Chief Inspector of Probations, released the findings of their inspection of the Bromley Youth Offenders Service. They found that the service needed to improve reoffending levels, offer better protection to victims, and look at the reasons for reoffending.

Within Bromley, 43.6 per cent of young offenders go on to reoffend. This is higher than the average for England and Wales of 35.7 per cent. There has been a steady rise in the numbers of young offenders in custody. However, according to the report, reoffending rates have decreased.

The report said that assessments of young people and children were not carried out adequately. When the service provides information to the courts, they often fail to take into account the reasons that people are reoffending. This can allow vulnerable people to slip through the net.

However, the report did state that the service provided good access to training, education, and employment opportunities.

Following the report, the service will need to show how they intend to address the issues raised and make improvements.

If you’ve had any dealings with Bromley’s Youth Offending Service, how did you feel it met your needs? Can you think of an approach that could help to reduce reoffending in the area?

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