Latest Crime Updates And Policing Information For Bromley

The police in Beckenham have issued their latest newsletter, which details crime levels and provides advice for residents on how to keep themselves and their property safe.

Mark your property

The Metropolitan Police run a number of initiatives to help residents. One of their latest is called MetTrace, and it aims to make your home and the goods within it more secure. The equipment uses smartwater to forensically mark items such as mobiles, jewellery, bikes and electrical products in order to help retrieve them if they are stolen.

Bromley Police are in the process of visiting properties in the borough. Over the course of the three-year scheme, 440,000 kits will be distributed across London.

Spate of burglaries and car thefts

In January, a number of burglaries took place in Beckenham at both residential and non-residential properties, with three offences recorded around Foxgrove Road.

January also saw motor vehicles targeted, with several thefts reported including two on Downs Hill Road.

Keep your bike safe

The local police have been made aware of offences involving bicycles being taken from bike sheds over recent weeks. They are reminding cyclists to always lock their bikes and to consider getting them etched and registered.

If you want to have your bike marked, the Bromley Safer Transport team will be holding a number of events in the borough during March. Further details can be found on the Bromley Safer Transport team website.

Are you aware of any other crimes in the area that residents should know about?

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