Join An Artistic Day Tour With BDFAS

The Beckenham Decorative and Fine Arts Society (BDFAS) offer a range of activities for those in the area who are interested in the artistic world. As part of their annual calendar, they run a number of day visits to locations of architectural and artistic interest. If you would like to join one of these visits, here are the details of some of their upcoming trips:

The College of Arms

On 21st May, the Society will visit the College of Arms in London. This building marks the official heraldic authority for most of the Commonwealth nations, including England, Wales, Australia and New Zealand. The College is responsible for a range of ceremonial and administrative tasks, including taking charge of issuing new coats of arms and maintaining the register of arms, pedigrees, genealogies, and flags. The Society will meet at the College at 6:15pm for a guided tour of the building followed by a glass of wine. If you wish to join the tour, tickets are priced at £35.

Parham House and Gardens

June’s trip takes in one of the finest exhibits of Elizabethan houses, Parham House. The trip to the tranquil setting in the South Downs is scheduled for 25th June. The Society will travel by coach from Beckenham, leaving at 8:30am and arriving back at around 6:00pm. The event will cost £37, which includes transportation, the guided tour, and refreshments when you arrive.

Have you been on a BDFAS trip before or attended one of their events? We’d love to hear about your experience!

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