Jason Statham, Yep, Statham Failed To Compete At The Olympics

Action Movie Star Statham, from up the road in Sydenham, revealed that it was a ‘sore point’ when he failed to compete at the recent Rio Olympics.

Statham represented England in the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand, in er, 1990. Sadly he finished outside medal positions and his career was over.

Probably a good thing as he now graces us across the silver screen in many an action movie. The latest of which is Mechanic: Resurrection. At the premiere of the movie he said “It’s a bit of a sore point I never got to the Olympics. I just heard they got seven million or something for the diving per year. They deserve it. The divers we’ve got now are just terrific. I started too late. It probably wasn’t my thing. I should have done a different sport. I think I’m more suited to action movies than courtroom dramas so I tend to stick to those".

Mechanic: Resurrection is at cinemas on Friday (said in a deep, husky voiceover artist kinda way).


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