Is There An Asbestos Issue At Harris Academy?

A former caretaker at the Harris Academy in Beckenham wants information relating to asbestos on the site to be made public. Robert Groves was the head caretaker of the school for ten years. He lost his job in 2014 after trying for a number of years to have information released regarding the asbestos findings.

Work is due to be carried out on the Beckenham school, and surveys that were undertaken are said to have found areas of asbestos on the site. The school claims that no staff members were ever put at any risk. However, Mr Groves has faced problems over the last few years in gaining access to the critical information.

Access to findings

The report into the asbestos findings at the Academy is available to the public, but Mr Groves would have to pay to access it. He believes that the school poses a possible health risk and that employees and students could have been exposed to the dangers without their knowledge since as far back as the 1960s.

The areas that have been affected are now closed off to the public, which indicates that there could be a serious issue on the site. The school believes that they have dealt with the problem according to all of the necessary regulations, with the areas of asbestos having been removed or sealed off.

Have you ever worked or studied at the site that now houses the Harris Academy? Were you aware that asbestos has been found in the building, and do you have any health concerns as a result?

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