Innovative New Care Home In Bromley Set To Open In February

Innovative new care home in Bromley set to open in February
• Care home that pioneers individualised approach to care, to open in Bromley in February
• KYN BICKLEY will challenge industry’s ‘one size fits all’ model with a household approach
that combines personalised care whilst encouraging autonomy and promoting residents’
passions and interests
• Features styling by British interior designer Nina Campbell and renowned art curator Adam
Ellis, specially landscaped sensory gardens and nutritionally balanced menus created by top
Innovators in later life care, KYN, will be launching a brand new care home in Bromley in February
The first of its kind, KYN BICKLEY will provide a pioneering approach to care which prioritises the
individual – rather than categorising by age or condition. Created with the highest standards of
personalised, holistic care, KYN BICKLEY will challenge the industry’s ‘one size fits all’ model,
providing residents with a home that considers physical, emotional and existential health.
Before any resident moves in, KYN takes the time to get to know them, understanding their
personality and passions, as well as their individual needs. They use this to create a bespoke approach
for each resident, developing a personalised care plan with a dedicated nurse, senior carer and
support team who share their interests and take care of them like family. The highly personalised care
team will provide support as and when required, allowing residents to dictate their own lifestyle as
they always have. Emphasis is placed on giving residents autonomy, for instance with no set schedule
to adhere to (including mealtimes) and an atmosphere that promotes individual pursuits alongside
plenty of opportunities to socialise, building a community and a sense of home. Even the detail of staff
uniform has been considered to ensure they appear are presentable but approachable, promoting a
homely environment.
KYN commissioned leading British interior designer, Nina Campbell, and renowned art curator Adam
Ellis, to create chic and authentic spaces that in turn give residents a vital sense of belonging. With 86
private bedrooms, a cinema and a spa, KYN BICKLEY also offers spaces such as The Great Room and
The Eden Room for residents to enjoy time hosting their own family members.
Everything has been designed with residents’ individual needs in mind. With innovative and advanced
care-planning technology, such as the night-time acoustic monitoring system, residents can sleep
safely and soundly. Working alongside an expert nutritionist, the chefs at KYN BICKLEY have
designed daily changing menus with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and satisfying
flavours that are tailored to the palates and nutritional needs of residents. Landscaped gardens,
featuring a tranquillity garden, games lawn and fruit orchard, have been specially designed to offer a
calming sensory experience for residents. Sensory planting is used to support residents with dementia,
as colour, touch, and scent can relax residents, as well as helping encourage sensory interaction to
develop and improve the senses.
Caroline Naidoo, Managing Director of KYN said: “KYN partners with specialist consultants
and organisations to understand the very best practice in later life care and ways in which we can
adopt this. We want to create an environment unique to each resident – ensuring every person feels at
home, while also being able to provide bespoke care as needed. We firmly believe that in destigmatising
and disrupting later life care, we can help break down societal barriers around age and
“. KYN’s model of care is built around recognising the importance and value of autonomy as well as
meaningful relationships in a care home environment, and KYN BICKLEY brings this to life in a
beautiful setting.”
To arrange a visit to the marketing suite at KYN BICKLEY, or to enquire about availability, please visit or call 020 4530 9700.

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