Horrific Fatality On Beckenham Junction / Victoria Line.

Trains were delayed between Beckenham Junction and Victoria today after a person was hot by a train. Transport police were called at 10 am this morning along with the air ambulance service. The person has not been identified as yet.

The train came to an abrupt stop and the conductor/driver said that they hot someone when coming out of a tunnel at Sydenham Hill.

Passenger Hollie Luxford was sitting in the front of the train as it hit said: "We came through the tunnel and I heard a bump, I looked out the window and all these people come rushing to the platform and I thought, oh God, we've definitely hit someone. There was one girl who was really shaken up, she was saying that she heard the driver scream and swear. To be fair to the driver, he was very good, he said he would drive us to Herne Hill”.

There will be more updates as we get them.



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