Highest Ever Number Of Pupils Get Preferred School

With primary school allocations now being sent out to parents across Bromley for children starting full-time school in September, it has been revealed that the highest number ever have received either their first or second choice school.

Record year

More than 90 per cent of this year’s intake got into their first or second choice primary school. The figures are the best ever recorded for the borough, with only 2 per cent of pupils being allocated a school that they did not choose as one of their six options. There was a rise of 4 per cent from last year on those getting into their first two choices.

This year, Bromley Council received 3,989 applications by the deadline. 3,634 of these got into their first or second choice school. Overall, 98 per cent got a place at one of their six choices.

Increase in places

Across Bromley and London as a whole, there has been a growing demand for primary school places. In the past few years, the capital has seen double the increase in school-aged children that other regions have noted. For the 2015/16 intake, Bromley has found an additional 465 places. This has been achieved through the expansion of some schools, bulge classes, and an increase in the number of free schools. There are now 720 more primary places available than there were in 2010.

Do you have a child starting school in September 2015? Were you lucky enough to be offered a place at one of your first two options? What were your experiences with the admissions process?

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