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As we reported earlier this month, the Metropolitan Police are looking at proposals that would see all London Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) scrapped. A petition calling for the cuts to be prevented is now available to sign online.

The cuts would effect all of the Greater London area, including the PCSOs who operate in Bromley and Beckenham. There are currently 55 of them within the borough of Bromley, a number that has already been dramatically reduced over the last five years. The petition is calling on the Met and the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to abandon their proposals and look at other measures to cut costs. Since May 2010, the budget of the Met has been reduced by nearly £600 million, which has resulted in the need to reduce operating costs.

The authors of the petition believe that the proposed changes in the structure of the neighbourhood policing teams would lead to fewer officers patrolling communities, which could result in an increase in crime levels. They want to see local communities consulted on plans for the future of the police service in London, rather than just going ahead with their proposed changes.

The plans will be discussed during the Management Board meeting on Tuesday 29th September. If you are opposed to the proposals, you can show your support by signing the online petition and sharing the details with local family and friends.

Will you be signing the petition against these cuts? What impact do you believe these potential cuts would have on the local area?

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