Gun Surrender Campaign Kicks Off In Bromley

As part of the gun surrender campaign across London, Bromley police are appealing to residents to surrender their firearms and any imitation weapons they own. This campaign, which started on Monday, will run for two weeks.

Bromley residents looking to surrender their guns, ammunition and imitation weapons can take them to a 24-hour police station and hand them in. People who surrender weapons may not face legal consequences for owning illegal weapons and firearms, and they can also choose to stay anonymous.

This firearms surrender campaign is specifically focusing on air weapons, fake weapons, and BB guns, which can be misused and also be passed off as real weapons. Any item surrendered will be examined by police officers, and some of the items might be put through forensic tests.

Since the campaign began, 31 weapons and a lot of ammunition have been surrendered at Bromley police stations. Out of the weapons handed in, 15 were live weapons, 10 were imitation weapons, and six were air weapons.

This new firearms surrender campaign comes on the heels of the Paris massacre and hopes to make the streets safer for residents. The campaign will conclude on December 6 at 11:00pm. The Metropolitan Police Service hopes people will take advantage of this campaign and surrender their weapons and imitation weapons.

Last year, the Met Police held the firearms surrender campaign for the first time since 2008 with the same aim.

What are your thoughts on this campaign? Do you think it will be successful in making the streets of Bromley safer? 

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