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Bromley and Bexley Councils are the first in the country to implement a new online facility that will help motorists with parking appeals. The system, which was designed by Barbour Logic, is now live and available for residents to use.

Through the system, motorists will be able to learn the outcome of their appeal against a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). It will also provide an explanation of the reasoning behind this outcome. This is a highly significant move in how PCN appeals are handled. It highlights the fact that Bromley and Bexley’s Parking Service wants to provide a clear and simplified process for their residents.                                             

Around 23,000 appeals are received by Bromley Council every year, while Bexley handles 12,000. In 2013, the two councils merged their respective Parking Service departments to offer a more cohesive and efficient service.

For a few years, local residents have had the ability to use an online system to appeal penalties that have been issued to them. This enhanced service will now provide a greater level of guidance to make the appeals process run more smoothly and quickly. In addition to discovering the expected outcome of their case, residents will also be able to see the evidence that would be needed to take their case further.

Further details on appealing a PCN can be found on the Bromley Council website.

Have you used the Council’s online system for PCN appeals? Do you find it to be an efficient method for dealing with these appeals?

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