Foxgrove Social Club To Close

A popular social club in Beckenham is set to close its doors next month following a long dispute with the local council. This means a valuable resource will no longer be available to those who live in the vicinity.

The Foxgrove Club has been open since 1907 and is situated on Westgate Road. It was built and funded by the local community with the purpose of providing a meeting and social venue for Beckenham residents. The building is owned by Lewisham Council. Over the years, it has provided a place for local bands to play and has also become a venue for charitable events and other activities that are aimed at those in the community.

Sadly, the Foxgrove Club will close its doors for the final time on 30th September due to a long-running argument with Lewisham Council. They have been in dispute over increases to the annual rent, which the club say are unaffordable and mean that the venue is no longer financially viable.

No announcements have been made regarding what the council plans to use the building for. In the meantime, many local residents will miss out on a place to hold their events or simply catch up with friends after work or on a weekend.

Do you use The Foxgrove Club regularly? What are your best memories of the venue over the years?

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